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6 fundamental tips for playing Hearthstone 2022

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In today's article, I'll bring you some tips that many beginners, and even veterans, don't know about Hearthstone. Check out 6 tips to do well in the game!

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translated by Pedro Fernandes

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revised by Tabata Marques

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Sometimes you just need to manage your resources better, or play a specific game mode to conquer that dream collection.

Check out 6 tips that will help you a lot to hit this goal and be able to build your favorite deck!

Manage your Arcane Dust

Do you know that “Mass Disenchant” button? NEVER click on it! In the long run, you will lose an immense amount of resource.

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Wait for the Nerfs

Every month, Hearthstone brings an update, balancing various standard and free format cards. Cards that have been nerfed (weakened) in patch notes will value, earning you more Arcane Dust. So don't mass disenchant, be patient and wait for these cards to be nerfed to disenchant them.



Of course there are exceptions, if you don't play wild format, you can disenchant older cards. But never by clicking on the “Mass Disenchant”!

Play Ranked

Many players don't take ranked seriously, but every month you will receive a chest of rewards based on your performance in the last season. The chest is often ignored and considered irrelevant, but I've gotten several legendaries myself for it.

Try to reach at least Diamond 5 to receive an epic card and 4 packs.

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At the end of each season, all players back to Bronze 10, regardless of their rank. The difference is, you will receive a Star Bonus also based on your last performance.

This perk allows you to earn up to 10x more stars per victory, making your journey to the highest ranks much easier. The bonus will regress with your advancement, but it already helps a lot to get out of the first levels (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum).

Play Arena or Duels

A good way to “multiply” your gold is by playing these modes. You will build a deck and battle until win 12 matches, but you will be eliminated if lose 3 matches.

To join the Arena or Heroic Duels you must pay an entry of 150 gold, and then you will receive a reward commensurate with your number of victories. On average, you will have to win at least 4 battles to recover your invested gold, but to double your resource, you will have to count on 8 or 9 triumphs.

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In the Arena you will choose a class among those that the game offers you, soon after, three random cards will appear on your screen, choose one to put in your deck. You will select 30 cards from these random options, then battle!

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In this mode, most of the heroes are Scholomance Academy professors, each with unique Hero Powers and Treasures. After selecting your class, choose a Hero Power and a Treasure to aid you in matches, and then build a deck with 15 cards from your collection. At the end of each game you will receive more life, and some extra cards to add to your deck.

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I don't recommend these modes for beginners, as there is a different meta for each mode. Aside from that, you are literally betting your gold, be careful.

If you are new to Hearthstone and want to join Heroic Duels, I recommend training for a few weeks in Casual Duels. You won't receive rewards, but you won't have to pay to enter either. Play a lot there to understand how the meta and mechanics work, and remember to research the best decks for the format.

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Always buy the mini-sets

Mini-sets are released in the middle of an expansion, and usually contain 35 cards, 4 of which are legendary. When you buy this pack, you will receive 2 copies of the commons, rares and epics cards, and 1 copy of the 4 legendary cards, for a total of 66 cards. They cost 2,000 gold and are available for a limited time.


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Why should I invest 2K gold in a mini-set? Is too expensive?

No, 2000 gold is currently 20 packs, and you will hardly get 1 legendary, depending on luck. With the mini-set you will acquire 4 legendary, without interference of luck or bad luck.

Purchase only the latest expansion packs

This tip here may be a little obvious, but a lot of people ignore it. Expansions within Hearthstone have an “expiration date”, after 2 years it rotates and goes to wild format.

It's not worth investing your gold buying packs from last year, as in a matter of months it will already be out of standard. The latest expansion not only lasts longer, but also usually contains stronger cards, which are being used in the metagame.


Of course, there is always an exception, if you love playing the free mode, or if you want several cards from a certain expansion, you can buy it. But the recommended thing is always to buy the latest expansion packs, and enchant one or another older card with Arcane Dust.

Use a Deck Tracker

A Deck Tracker doesn't help you manage your resources, but within a match it makes a huge difference. These types of programs are tolerated by Blizzard, you can use them at will!

It lets see which cards you still have in your deck, and which ones your opponent has already played. In case of an opponent's secret, he shows you all the possible secrets, so don't get surprised. You will also be able to record your matches through the app, and watch the replays to analyze each move. Some Deck Trackers also contain some mechanics to help you on the Battlegrounds.

The most famous and indicated Deck Tracker is Hearthstone Deck Trackerlink outside website.

That's it for today! Did you like the tips? Do you know any others? Say it in the comments! Hugs!