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Deck Tech: Aggro Demon Hunter for the new set: Titans - Deck with 0 Legendaries!

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A deck with no legendaries has emerged from Hearthstone's Titan set, and it can be an excellent choice for free-to-play players. Check out our guide!

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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We got, this week, Hearthstone's new set, Titans: it came with 145 unseen cards, besides 11 Legendary Titans and a new keyword: Forge!

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Many players have already tested out a few decks to find the new meta, and I was one of them. Logically, there still isn't that much precise data or a proper tierlist to follow, so, I don't recommend you spend that much Arcane Dust during the first week of the set.


As a result, I decided to bring a cheaper option for you! This way, we'll save our Arcane Dust until the meta is stabilized.

Demon Hunter Aggro fits in perfectly for this goal, and this list I'll provide you has no legendary cards!

Another interesting point is that this deck brings many Titan cards, which give players that nice dynamic and immersion feeling from the new set. Not to mention Murder at Castle Nathria is also very present, so we can enjoy going back to 2022 with these minions.

Of course, we still can't tell if this deck is meta, because, as we mentioned previously, it's still very early in the set. But it certainly is one of the safest options for the first few weeks, as we'll save our resources.

This deck was first introduced by Old Guardian, you can check his view about this list in the video bellow:

Demon Hunter Aggro Broad View

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As all Aggro lists, we want to pressure our opponent the most we can, trying to win quickly. Some aggressive decks work best filling the board, such as the Aggro Druidlink outside website, but today's deck is a bit different.

Demon Hunter has always been known for dealing many points of damage with your Hero itself, using weapons or spells. This will be the goal: kill the opponent using cards such as Momentum, Magnifying Glaive and Dispose of Evidence.

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This deck is also based around drawing many cards, increasing the damage potential of certain minions. Argunite Golem and Eredar Deceptor are one of the examples.

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Check out an example of how our deck will work in practice, without many powerful minions, but with great damage potential from our hero:

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Let's get to know the list a bit better.


Though they aren't our main focus, the deck has many minions, and, by the way, Vicious Slitherspear and Shambling Chow are great options for your first turn straight on.

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For turn 2, we have Bibliomite, which has wonderful status for its cost. It will throw one of your cards to your deck, but don't worry, as we have many draws here. Speaking of drawing, Crystalline Statue will awaken after we add four cards to our hand.

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In case you have many sources of draw, consider using Argunite Golem as quickly as you can to get the most out of this minion. Another option with the same amount of mana is Gan'arg Glaivesmith: it will give (with Outcast) three damage to your hero.

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Our most expensive minions cost four, and they fit in perfectly with this deck's plan. Glaiveshark works as a removal, dealing two damage to all other enemies if it's played after the hero attacks, which is simple with Demon Hunter Aggro.


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The other two can combo perfectly at the end of the match. Eredar Deceptor will summon 1/1 Demons every time we draw a card, and, with Sightless Magistrate, we can summon up to five Demons.

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We can sum them up with two words: draw and damage.

Starting with a zero-cost spell. Dispose of Evidence will give you three damage.

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Illidari Studies is very straightforward, as it has always been used in decks. For one mana, you'll Discover a card Outcast, and your next Outcast will cost one less, which is very strong!

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You might be wondering what Bibliomite and Dispose of Evidence are doing here, as they return a card to your deck, but don't worry, because your main source of draw is Weight of the World, which will make you draw until you have as many in hand as your opponent first, and then draw 2 more (with Forge). So, at the end, we'll have the same number of cards in hand, and it won't change a thing in practice.

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Finally, you get four more damage, being able to cost even zero (based on how many cards you draw that round) with Momentum!

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We have only one weapon in the list, but it's worth mentioning it.

Magnifying Glaive is excellent for the deck, as it is one more way of filling your hand!

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Matchups and Game Posture

We have learned what each card does, besides the interactions between them. Now, we'll study what is the best game posture to have against the most popular types of decks, besides figuring out how to finish our opponent to win the match.

Note: I must stress, we still have a completely unstable meta, with no stats or concrete data.

Against Aggros

I feel Demon Hunter Aggro can't keep up with the speed of other aggressive lists, and has a lot of difficulty against them. Most of these decks are based on filling the board, and we don't have many removals, nor minions, enough to deal with that.

I recommend you look for good options of minions, such as Vicious Slitherspear or Shambling Chow for the early game, besides Bibliomite and Glaiveshark. We'll be looking to build a competitive board and remove a significant number of minions with Glaiveshark.

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Magnifying Glaive and Illidari Studies can also help you with these matchups.

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Try to answer only, and eliminate the enemy pressure!

Against Controls

Here we have a much more favorable position. A great portion of Controls focuses on mass removals, which don't affect our list all that much.

I recommend you follow the deck's initial plan, with no secrets about it. Deal damage and use your draws efficiently, considering how to get the most out of cards such as Crystalline Statue and Argunite Golem.


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Look for 1 and 2 cost minions, besides draws.

Pay attention to minions with Taunt, as it can be a problem against that type of deck, and try to kill them as much as you can, as this will be your highest priority.

Opening Up 85 Packs from the New Set

In case you're curious, I invite you here to watch our video, opening up many packs from Hearthstone's newest set, with 85 Titans Packs!

Final Words

That's it for today! I hope this article has helped you understand a bit more about this great deck for Free-To-Play players. Look for me in the comment section if you have any questions, good luck with your games and see you later!