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Name Smothering Starfish Edit card
Type Minion - beast
Description Battlecry: Silence ALL other minions.
Flavor Is a sucker for small talk.
Artist Matt Dixon
Set Voyage to the Sunken City #72333
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About Smothering Starfish

Smothering Starfish, Minion - beast, designed by Matt Dixon first released in Mar, 2022 in the set Voyage to the Sunken City. It see play in 1 formats: Constructed.

A deck that focuses on controlling the board and disrupting your opponent's strategy would benefit from using Smothering Starfish. This card can be particularly effective against decks that heavily rely on powerful minion effects or buffs. While Smothering Starfish can be a strong tech choice in certain metas, there are other cards like Spellbreaker that offer similar silence effects with more flexibility, making them potentially better options in most situations. However, in a meta where silencing multiple minions at once is crucial, Smothering Starfish could definitely see play in the right deck.

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