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March of the Lich King is Hearthstone's 22nd expansion, featuring new 145 collectible cards. The expansion depicts the return of The Lich King, as he leads his Undead army to an all-out assault on the elven city of Silvermoon. The Blood Elves won’t go down easily; they are as thirsty for combat as they are for the magic of the Sunwell that they draw power from. March of the Lich King introduces Hearthstone's 11th total and second-ever new class, the Death Knight. The expansion also introduces a brand new permanent minion type - Undead. Undead minions trigger bonus effects if a friendly Undead minion died after the player's last turn. In addition to that, March of the Lich King introduces dual minion types, meaning some minions can have two different minion types. Both Undead and dual minion types are retroactively added to all cards from the past.
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