Whizbang's Workshop: Best Legendary Cards from the New Set!

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The new set is here! If you still haven't found time to analyze the new cards, and want to create your first deck with them anyway, check out my top 8 "safe crafts" from Whizbang's Workshop! This time, we're covering the best legendary cards.

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Whizbang's Workshop is here! This article is for all of you who don't have a lot of resources, but want to craft a deck and haven't had much time to analyze the meta, or maybe you're just a bit lost on which legendary cards to craft.

I'll show you my top 8 "safe craft" choices (cards you can craft without thinking twice) to play in the first few weeks of the new set. Additionally, this article was also based on the most popular decks of the first few days of the new set and on how the ranked queue meta has been so far.


I specifically waited to get to Legend only after "Whizbang's Workshop" was released (with the new legendary cards) to write this article for you all, so I hope you like it.

Check out below the top 8 best legendary cards to craft in the first few weeks of the new set.

8 - Puzzlemaster Khadgar

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I'll open this list with Khadgar because he fits into literally every single Mage deck. It could be a list that focuses on random spells, Elemental minions, or some combo we haven't discovered yet. Puzzlemaster Khadgar will probably fit all of these decks just fine.

This card is excellent, and, therefore, a safe craft because it will likely have a very long shelf life while it is in Standard. One of the reasons for this is because its effect, which equips a Wisdomball, doesn't require you to do anything, which means, you don't need to have only one copy of each card in your deck, or meet any other requirement.

Furthermore, the only reason why it occupies our 8th spot in particular is just because Mage appears to be a bit weak this early in the season. However, I can assure you: regardless of which Mage decks are popular in the future, Khadgar will always be an excellent choice.

Below, check out an interesting Mage list with Puzzlemaster Khadgar:

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7 - Timewinder Zarimi

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Priest has been named one of the best classes in this set by professional players and streamers.

The main reason for this is Timewinder Zarimi, which on its own created an entirely new Dragon archetype with a combo that doubles your turn.

Historically, this has always been an incredibly powerful mechanic in Hearthstone, and it will probably be an incredibly powerful combo for Priest as well.

This card only occupies this position in this list because, so far, we haven't seen a Zarimi deck that really stood out among all the others. This might be because players don't really enjoy playing Priest as soon as a set comes out, but, who knows.

As the days go on, this list will probably improve significantly, and, at any point in the meta, a Zarimi deck will become one of the best choices to climb ranks. For now, check out this list, which is the best option nowadays to play Timewinder Zarimi.

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6 - Sonya Waterdancer

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I previously said Sonya Waterdancer would be the the strongest legendary card in this setlink outside website, but I was mistaken. It isn't the strongest, but it is definitely among the strongest cards.

One thing is for sure: any and every Rogue deck, from now on, will use one copy of Sonya Waterdancer. And she only occupies our 6th spot because it seems like Rogue is a bit stuck to this card. This means it will be a bit difficult to have success with Rogue without a Sonya Waterdancer in your deck.

She fits into every game style this class has, and, for now, she is one of the most explored cards in the ranked queue, and shows up in several types of decks.


Rogue is transitioning into a combo style with pirates, a very aggressive style, but my bet for the best list you can find nowadays with this card is this Spectral Cutlass list.

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5 - Zilliax Deluxe 3000

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There is no discussion when the matter is Zilliax Deluxe 3000: it is, currently, the most versatile card of all in Standard!

It needs to be in this list because it literally fits into every deck and every class.

The problem with this card, and the reason it occupies this list's 5th slot, is that people were so hyped about this card that they ended up a bit disappointed when they finally got to play with it. Most players realized Zilliax Deluxe 3000 isn't broken, just fair.

You don't really need ZilliaX, but your decks are a bit better when you do play it.

Furthermore, we still haven't found a deck that focuses entirely on this card, and it has been just a "Filler Deluxe 3000" in our decks. It is quite literally a safe minion option which heals, probably removes one or two enemy units, and that's it.

The Zilliax Deluxe 3000 deck I will recommend has another legendary card we included in this list, so we'll see it in a bit.

4 - Shudderblock

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Shaman got excellent cards in this set. Shudderblock came to stay, and will be impactful in every deck in this class.

The overall feeling we wouldn't have broken combos with this card actually turned out to be true, but this doesn't mean it isn't excellent. On the contrary: Shudderblock significantly improves Shaman decks, even more so alongside Hagatha the Fabled.

Shaman's Nature and Reno lists are significantly better with this card, and are slowly conquering the ranked queue.

However, the main reason why this card is in this list is that it seems like Shaman lists aren't all that great without this card. It isn't an extreme case of this phenomenon, like Sonya Waterdancer, but, in the current state of the meta, we probably won't find any Shaman deck without Shudderblock.

In any case, this card has a very long shelf life, and might (as we mentioned in other articles), become a problem in the future as part of some broken combo. We mentioned this card could fit Reno and Nature decks well, but, for now, the Chaotic Tendril list seems to be one of the best options for it (besides being quite fun).

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3 - The Headless Horseman

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Death Knight was the best and most popular class before "Whizbang's Workshop" came along. Now, with the new cards besides The Headless Horseman, it seems to be even better.

Plague Death Knight and Rainbow Death Knight lists have become even better with this Hero legendary card, considering it is quite flexible and goes really well with all decks in this class.

Its simple effect and hero power didn't allow us to see how impactful this card would be in the game - as it is proving itself to be in Death Knight lists.

I (as many other players), am in love with Hero cards, and this is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most fun Hero cards of all time.


This card conquered our 3rd slot because of how Death Knight is incredibly well-positioned in the meta right now, and also because, so far, Death Knight lists are easier to build. This means players are testing out this card first, and are having a lot of success with it.

In any case, I believe The Headless Horseman will have a very long shelf life in Standard, and you can craft it quite safely.

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2 - Toy Captain Tarim

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Out of all the legendary cards, Toy Captain Tarim was the one that most surprised me positively.

I've just reached Legend with a list that has this card, and I can say for sure it is an incredibly powerful legendary card.

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Tarim is almost too versatile, and allows you to use its effect, which copies stats, aggressively and defensively, all in one turn.

You can buff one of your minions while you transform an enemy minion into a 1/1 unit.

Paladin seems to be a bit broken this early in the season, and this is the main reason why Toy Captain Tarim is this high up in this list.

Its effect is incredibly impactful and can win you countless games, even more so if you know how to use it correctly. So, I'll add below the list I reached Legend this season with, with Zilliax Deluxe 3000 and Toy Captain Tarim.

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1 - Splendiferous Whizbang

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I will not only recommend you craft Whizbang first, before you craft anything else in this set, but also that you, if you have the resources, craft him golden - it is really worth it.

There is no discussion: this card is one of the most fun cards of all time, and might be one of the most popular as well.

In my journey to Legend this season, I really struggled against some Whizbang lists, so I can say for certain his decks are incredibly powerful and competitive.

If you're an experienced player, and you know how to handle RNG and card creation, you can go far and even get to Diamond with him, who knows.

Maybe getting to Legend is a bit more complicated, but everything is possible. Certainly, in the next few days, someone will go online and say that they got to Legend with Whizbang.

That being said, craft Whizbang without thinking twice and go test out his decks.

Final Words

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If you read this far, thank you. I hope you had fun.

Don't forget to share. See you next time!