Fall of Ulduar arrives on the 19th in HearthStone! Check Cards and Details

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New Fall of Ulduar mini-set announced. Check out the new cards already revealed and how they could affect your game!

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Yogg-Saron has been freed!

On September 12th, Blizzard announced the newest mini-set that will be released on the 19th: Fall of Ulduar. Bringing the end of the Titans era, this new mini-set will consist of 38 new cards, namely: 16 common cards, 17 rare cards, 1 epic card and 4 legendary cards.

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Cho'Gall enters the battle!

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The legendary card Cho'Gall, Twilight Chieftain brings new Anomalies. Before your mulligan, the effect of Anomaly is revealed and only activated between the end and beginning of the first turn. Upon launch, there will be 20 active Anomalies, which will have equal chances of corrupting the game.

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These Anomalies in general demonstrate an RNG that will not frustrate players by having their games destroyed by chaotic random effects, in fact, they will open doors to test new skills, Deck curves and adaptations.

It is worth remembering that Anomalies will be active in all matches during the first week after their launch, and after this period, they were active in 25% of games. If you and your opponent have Cho'Gall in your deck during the event period, there is a possibility that two Anomalies will corrupt the game!

More RNG through Ancient Chaos!

Chaotic Tendril is a new card that uses its Battlecry to launch random 1-cost spells, each time this occurs it improves the next Chaotic Tendril. Soon you will be able to cast random spells of cost 2, 3, 4 and so on. Although tempting, this brings inconsistency, as to be well executed, an appropriate order in which they are launched would be ideal, such control as RNG does not allow.

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Competitive or not?

New cards for Hunter Decks were presented, and among them, we can highlight Celestial Shot, which in synergy with the current Arcane Secret Hunter decks, can create a future deck to reach the Legend rank!

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Fall of Ulduar isn't here yet, but we still have more!

Are you prepared for the imminent chaos that this new mini-set brings? Will you be able to imprison Yogg-Saron again, or will you become another of his servants? Take the opportunity to get to know a Decklistlink outside website that we recommend making the most of this expansion!

See you later and good luck in your ranked!