Hearthstone Community Bands Together To Get Maximum Value Out Of New Expansion

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With the new set coming, everyone has their eyes set on extra packs!

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Hearthstone's new set, TITANSlink outside website, is coming soon, on August 1st, and with it, besides 11 new Titan minions and other incredible cards, a new event is on its way. This new event brings about a new thematic which can reward the Hearthstone community - if they manage to band together.

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To celebrate the arrival of its new 11 Titans, Hearthstone announced this Thursday, July 6th, that they would be having a community event centered around the infamous Titans.


"Each week, you'll be able to vote for your favorite Titan. Once the votes are tallied, the more popular Titans will move on to next week's voting. Each week, you get one TITANS pack just for voting and an additional TITANS pack if your selection makes it to the next round."

There will be three rounds of voting, so, if players manage to take their champion Titan to all three rounds, that means three extra packs, with the standard 5 cards each, totaling 15 new cards from the new set.

> Round 1: Voting July 7-10

> Round 2: Voting July 12-17

> Round 3: Voting July 19-24

All new 11 Titans available to vote for.
All new 11 Titans available to vote for.

After hearing the news of this event, content creator Zeddy took to Reddit to propose a way for everyone to get 3 packs guaranteed. By "rigging" their vote and agreeing on the same Titan to vote on, everyone could get 3 packs each.

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This may seem too much for just a few packs, but every Hearthstone player knows just how valuable is each pack of cards.

By the way, the agreement seems to be going to vote for Sargeras, one of the biggest antagonists in the world of Hearthstone, if you're interested in getting yourself all 3 packs. To vote, visit the official announcement on the main Hearthstone social media or website. Good luck!