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Hearthstone: 4 Tips to get to Legend

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Today, I bring four efficient tips for Hearthstone players to go up on the ranked ladder and get into the so coveted Legend rank!

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One of the greatest challenges within Hearthstone is getting to the top of the rankings, Legend is definitely the goal of many in the game. Today, I'll present 4 simple tips that will help you on this journey!

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1st Tip: Play with only one Deck

The biggest mistake of most Hearthstone players is the lack of patience. I often see players switching decks every week, hoping for a result. To achieve your goals, you must play with only one hero and one deck, already thinking about specializing with it.


Note: Change decks only when it is nerfed in some patch note, as no deck is a powerhouse forever.

Which deck to choose?

See what are the best current decks, considering the latest balances and releases of the game. For that, I write here at Cards Realm monthly analysis about the Metagame, in addition to mentioning the top decks to beat at ranked.

2nd Tip: Study your Matchups

Studying the matchups makes a lot of difference in your trajectory. It is essential to understand what your opponent's cards are, and how they can punish your plays. This makes you think twice before defining your game posture or using a card, already imagining the opponent's response. In addition to knowing whether that particular confrontation is advantageous or not for you.

Update on the game

To try to predict your opponent's cards, you must be familiar with Hearthstone, know which decks for each class are being used, and knowing that, you won't be surprised to face them.

Use the internet to your advantage

Access popular enemy class lists as soon as the match starts. If the Hunter has two decks in the meta, the Face Hunter and the Beast Hunter. When starting a game and coming across this class, it doesn't hurt to search these lists on the internet, so we will have the 30 cards that can be used.

Note: It won't always be that the 30 cards on the internet will match the opponent's list, but at least 25 or 26 cards will be the same.

Use a Deck Tracker

Deck Tracker is increasingly popular among Card Games players. For those of you who play tabletop TCG, the Deck Tracker is very similar to the "notebook" professionals use for note-taking.

With it, you can identify the opponent's deck, in addition to recording the resources he has already spent. Using the same example of Hunter, the Deck Tracker can tell you if the opponent is using the Face Hunter or the Beast Hunter, just observe which cards the opponent played.

The Hearthstone Deck Trackerlink outside website also allows you to watch your own replays (more on that later).

3rd Tip: Watch Matches

Watching matches is fundamental to your growth within Hearthstone, and it also adds a lot to the previous tips.

Master your Deck

Seeing players (especially high-level ones) using your deck makes you learn new mechanics or combos about it, making you think “outside the box” when playing. You can follow streams on Twitch or YouTube channels for that.

Understand the Matchups

Depending on your opponent's class or deck, your game posture will be entirely different (already explained in the 2nd tip). By watching games, you will be able to analyze each match and understand them, then just put the learnings into practice through your ranked games.


The Grandmaster is the pinnacle of the professional Hearthstone scene, it's definitely the best place for anyone looking to get better at the game, watch whenever you can! The championship is separated into two annual seasons, in three regions (Americas, Asia and Europe). Follow along on the official Hearthstone YouTube channels.


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More important than seeing other people's gameplay, is seeing your own, and understanding the reason for each move, and correcting them in case of mistakes. Earlier we mentioned that Deck Tracker saves your replays, you can use it for that.

4th Tip: Prepare your Mindset

A word that is very fashionable is Mindset, which means your “setting mentality”, influencing thoughts and behaviors. Avoid playing while you are nervous or frustrated with the game, rest and calm down before facing your opponents.

Also remember to stay hydrated and take a short break after every matchup to not get too tired.